Tip Hero: how to save time and money on EVERYTHING

19 Jan

The other day I was searching The Interwebs for some help, probably on stain removal or something, and this site came up: TipHero.  Ever since then, I have been totally obsessed with it! 

They have awesome tips that are user generated, along with some standards they put out every week like the “Top Free Samples of the Week” like you see above.

You can look up tips based on lifestyle category, or you can just browse the featured tips on the home page.  I decided that I should join and become a tipper (where I add tips I have found useful in the kitchen or anywhere else for that matter).  As a tipper, you create your tip then submit it for review.

So I was excited to see that my first tip, Brown Bananas Save Money in the Summer, was just approved! YAY! It’s not earth-shattering, but most helpful tips rarely are. It’s the actual implementation of those easy tips that is really amazing. If you can find the time to do it, you’ll be amazed at (a) what it saves you, (b) how great you feel, doing something good for yourself and your family, and (c) how easy it really was, when you just focused for a few minutes!

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