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Food Frame Friday: Shnoo for you.

27 May

There’s an AWESOME fro yo joint in Renton (near Seattle) and I know they have other locations (at least one I think in the Bellevue area?).  Who cares, what matters is this:


Mixed Berry NONFAT fro yo with white chocolate chips and brownie chunks? YES





Well, hello there, precious coconut flavored mochi bits!




Mango fro yo, fresh mango chunks and baby mochi bites. I DIE!


Food Frame Friday: Tots. Duh!

15 Apr

If I don’t talk about how long it’s been since I last blogged (over a month), and just pretend no one noticed (since there are literally only 5 readers which includes family members and myself) would anyone really care?

I’m going with a big fat NO.

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Food Frame Friday: The First Churro in Indonesia. EVER.

4 Mar

According to the advertising team behind Churreria, they are for sure the first Churro-hawking joint EVER in Indonesia.  And since we don’t really know how you would go about proving that one way or the other (and they’re totally banking on that fact), we’re gonna go with it.

God, would I LOVE to see that menu.

Truffles, Caviar and Gourmet Salts – Wholesale Food Porn

23 Feb

I don’t know how I didn’t know about this place before, but thanks to the ladies at Dollar Store Crafts I just found out about Marky’s.  Their tagline is “Caviar, Smoked Salmon, Foie Gras, Truffles”.  Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Buy French Summer Black Truffles Whole 7 oz. The best gourmet food on sale online.

French Summer Black Truffles from Marky's

If you like salt, and by “like” I mean you (like me) have a salt lick next to your bed, and dream about your cupboard being stocked full of a rainbow presentation of worldly salts, then this place is for you. 

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Fudge off! The search for the best Lazy-bones fudge recipe.

17 Dec

I’m gonna level with you – even coming up with a post and finding time to get it written up right now is challenging. My brain is already thinking about the stockings I’ll be sewing by hand this weekend. What? That is totally something I don’t have time for? Yes, you’re correct.  And I should buy them? I know, I even looked. At three stores.  Couldn’t find any that didn’t suck big time.

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Turn that recipe on its head!

15 Dec

I just saw this picture on and was thinking I knew what the filling was going to be:


Turns out I was totally wrong, here’s the recipe for Better Homes and Gardens Vanilla and Chocolate Santa’s Sandwiches.  They made a raspberry filling….

However, I would change this up. Without even reading the recipe, I knew what I would do to make this easier, as well as my own!

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Get the handcuffs: Update: Pork Rolls

23 Feb

Yeah, I’m gonna HAVE pork rolls if I make these again and don’t have anyone to eat them with me.


Do you remember these?  I was going to make them for the Rose Bowl?

Uh huh. So I did that. And then we didn’t have anyone over, so I was forced (seriously, forced) to eat most of them myself. I know, it’s a shame. You could have had one. Or 5.

Okay, so here’s what I did:

Bought bacon and generic cinnamon buns at the discount grocery store (and no, I couldn’t get more white trash if I tried).

And here’s the pictures of my process:

(in the foreground you see lip-smackingly good crispy as all get out bacon. YUM. In the background, my FAIL buns.)

(so the lighting is bad, it’s the dumb camera again…..maybe I’ll set up a foodie photog fund for getting me a new one???? Anyway, here we are, wrapping and prepping to bake)

(here they are pre-frosting. I learned a big lesson here…..break the bacon up into pieces, otherwise when you bite into it, you get the whole piece of bacon and only a bit of roll. BOOOOOOOO!)

(and here they are in their full glory, half frosted, half naked. SO GOOD)


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd, I just gained 5 lbs looking at those pictures again. Sweet. See you at the gym, kittens.

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