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Food Frame Friday: Lychee

22 Jul

I know it’s been a while since I posted a food pic for Food Frame Friday, and in my never-ending quest to be consistent (read: total fail thus far), I wanted to get back on it.  What you see below is a dish that I made for my new column at Seattle Weekly’s Voracious Food division, Three-Way.

Cream Cheese stuffed lychee with exotic fruits and basil oil

The column, which runs every Tuesday online here: http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/voracious/three-way/, focuses on preparing one ingredient three different ways:

“When your fridge starts to moan and groan from the monotony of the same lame ingredients, it’s time for a culinary three-way. Turning a tired stovetop into a weekday workhorse, Voracious columnist Siiri Sampson brings a fresh, seasonal, or obscure ingredient to life with three treatments: decadent, healthy, and quick-fix.”

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Local Plate: A Whole Lotta Ho-Hum…

22 Feb

…at Hunan Garden

If you’re on your way home from running errands and can’t bear the thought of stepping into the kitchen to cook, you could stop at Hunan Garden in Bellevue (11814 N.E. 8 St.) for some take out. But then you’d be missing the one aspect of Hunan Garden that’s worth paying for: the friendly service.

Hunan Garden_1.JPG

Seeing big, fresh slices of mushroom gets a girl excited...but looks can be deceiving.

Bland flavors and overused cheap staples like celery, carrots and baby corn comprise the bulk of what this old Bellevue joint has to offer. Once home to outstanding pot stickers (which are still decent, but no longer a destination-maker) and many a family dinner, Hunan Garden is now mostly a shell looking for a little TLC in every department.

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Local Plate: Secrets of a Food Writer’s Fridge: What the EGG is Rotting in There?!

24 Jan
Food Writers Fridge_1.JPG

All this food is for one person. What the cheese was I thinking?!

Name of food writer: Siiri Sampson
Position: Voracious Blogger for The Eatside
Shame factor: Depends on who’s around. If alone=zero, around friends=low, around parents=moderate.
Contents of note: It’s hard to transition into cooking for one, when you’re used to feeding roommates and a beefy hunk of a boyfriend twenty-four, seven. Now I live alone, and the BF lives overseas. That’s my disclaimer on the seemingly schizophrenic fridge contents you’re about to see.

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Local Plate: Lil’ Jon Embraces Your Inner Chubbie

10 Jan

A meal I just remembered I made, and definitely want to recreate...Ginger carrots, kale pesto salad and spicy tofu sticks with smoked paprika smear.

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough yet, I’ve been doing some part time freelancing for a local paper here in Seattle, The Seattle Weekly.  They have a strong food division called Voracious, with many talented and edgy writers I’m excited to work alonside of moving into 2011.

Since last October, I’ve been writing and gaining steam, and now write two columns a week regularly (and contribute to a handful of others).  The columns are The Eatside and Lists.

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Is it possible? ANOTHER Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 Oct

It’s true, friends, I’m doing TWO giveaways in ONE week this week.  Why? Because we have something fun to celebrate!

Yours truly has started a fun side gig with a local newspaper, The Seattle Weekly.  Starting today, and coming out every Tuesday, I am writing a blog column, The Eatside, for Seattle Weekly’s food blog, Voracious.  I cover all things on the Eastside of greater Seattle (so that’s East of Lake Washington).

Today’s article is on a fun little joint called Lil’ Jon.  Go check out the article when you have time:


Meanwhile, we’ll start a giveaway today to celebrate my new adventure!  Sooooo, what’s up for grabs today?

It’s a Lasagna Lover Stoneware dish from Rachael Ray:

That’s right! It’s blue, shiny and just BEGGING you to splatter tomato sauce and noodles into it’s softly curved corners.  It’s dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe to 500 degrees. AND, it has a glazed interior that’s nonporous so your food won’t stick!  It’s 9″ x 13″ with extra wide handle holes.

What are you making, and what time should I be there? Ha ha, just kidding. But seriously, send me your address, I’ll bring the wine.

So, if you’re interested in winning todays giveaway, here’s how**:

1. Go read my article (which will take you about 3 minutes), and share it with a friend (you’ll see at the bottom there’s a button to email it to a friend, or you can use the buttons at the top to share via a social media outlet like Facebook or Twitter).

2. Come back to the blog and post a comment letting me know who you shared it with (you can just give me a first name), and any feedback you have for my column.  This could be a critique, a place you think I should review, or just plain advice you think would benefit my column!

3. We’re using the honor system here, kids, so don’t let me down. I’ll have no way of knowing if you really shared the article, so do me proud!

The giveaway runs from October 19th at 9am Pacific Time to October 25th at 11:59pm Pacific Time.  Good luck and thanks for all the support! I’m excited to take you on this wild ride with me!

**By entering the giveaway, you agree that if you win, you will use the product and leave your honest feedback/review on the Amazon.com page for the product within 30 days of receiving it from A Half Cup.  One entry per person.  All valid entries will be entered into a random drawing, one winner will be chosen and given 14 days to claim their prize. An alternate will be chosen in the event the winner does not claim their prize.  You may only win 1 prize in a 30 day period from A Half Cup.
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