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I just heard from one of my favorite experimental cooks, my Uncle Jeff.

Uncle Jeff is my mom’s younger brother. He’s the baby, like me. We get along famously, and he and my Aunt Lisa have always been very excited about my love for cooking. They gave me my VERY FIRST piece of AllClad. (*single tear of joy*) They also gave me a pair of purple pants that made me cry, I hated them so much. They love telling that story….but that’s  another post entirely!

Here’s the email he just sent my way:


“We had this (similar anyway) at Boat Street Cafe a while back, and then I saw an old Julia rerun on KCTS and she made the same thing, but called it a “gateau de omelette”. So I tried it a couple of weeks ago, from memory only. It was REALLY good, definitely a next day dish, 100% better the next day, but a lot of fun to make, good use of leftovers, gave the allclad nonstick a good workout.

I used mushrooms, onion, leftover italian sausage, asparagus and tomato, with a little parm on each layer. Lisa said she could do without the parm.
Talk to you later, I seriously need to get to work.”

I told him I remember seeing the SAME old Julia episode a couple of weeks ago on KCTS (Seattle’s PBS), and wanted to try it myself. Sooooo, I think I’ll attempt a version this weekend. Stay tuned for some results and pictures.

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