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If you ever find yourself walking through the store, uninspired, or having the “blahs,” fear not.  It happens to the best of us.  The only thing worse than going to the store on an empty stomach (can you say IMPULSE shopping?!?!), is going to the store and not wanting to buy, cook, or eat anything you see.

What to do?  Simple.  I go straight to the butcher, produce manager or deli lady (or man), and say to them “What looks good today? I’m bored, feeling indifferent, and don’t have a lot of money to spend.  What would you recommend?”

5. Butcher

You’d be really surprised how many great recommendations they’ll offer up.  They know what’s the freshest, they also know what’s on sale. And if you tell them you’re doin’ it on the cheap, they’re more than happy to come out from behind the counter, and be your instant personal shopper.

Bottom line?  They LOVE to help, they love to talk and they love to share ideas. 

All you really need is one good idea from one of those departments, and you can instantly shape a no-recipe meal around that one good idea!

So take advantage of your local store department managers, or in the case of a produce stand, talk to the person that’s cleaning the produce, ask them how they cook it at home. You might be surprised what answers you get.

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