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Remember these? Yeah, I made an apple tart with half of them last week for our dinner at Akash and Marissa’s house.  Well, I had half left, and they were begging to be used.

So, I did. Chopped ’em all up with my handy dandy apple slicer, tossed ’em in a cassarole dish.


Melted some organic pure cane sugar (straight from Costa Rica-thanks Mark) with some water, poured it over to help the apples cook down in the oven.

Set the oven to 375F, mixed up some gluten free flour (like maybe a tablespoon) with a handful of whole oats, a handful of brown sugar and maybe 3Tbsp of cold cubed butter.  Spread that over the top of the apples and shoved it in the oven for 55 minutes in the top third of the oven.


This is what I got (with the help of Paul and Mike who grabbed some vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl at the store). (again, sorry for the lame picture. I was more concerned with the ice cream melting – in my mouth while I gobbled this up)

So. So. Good.

No recipe, just straight up wingin’ it. You can too.

If you want a more direct recipe, let me know!

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