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I posted the following almost exactly a year ago, and thought I’d bring it back out to remind everyone of the wonderful variety of squash available at ANY grocery store or market this time of year. I was thinking about making my first seasonal batch of squash soup soon. So, if I do, I’ll share any variations I make with you.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have questions or ideas on these or other types of squash!


This weekend, we’re having a couple friends over for dinner that we rarely get to see.  We’re very excited to catch up, walk the neighborhood and look at the leaves and pumpkins (Seattle weather permitting of course) and eat good food with good company.

Since it’ll be a Saturday evening, I thought something warm and familiar would hit the spot just right!

Butternut Squash

photo of butternut squash

So I’m making my famous “Siiri’s Squash Soup.” Now, it might only be famous amongst my family and close friends, but isn’t that the fame that really counts? Bringing the people you love something that makes them happy?  That’s what I love about the art of cooking!

I’ll give you all the juicy details after I cook the whole soup and other dishes, complete with pictures, but for today I’ll tell you what I’ve done so far.

The great thing about having dinner set up on a Saturday and making something like this hearty dish, is that you can start earlier in the week, and just do a thing or two one day, and then when weekend comes along, half your work is already done! (sweet, right?!)

Acorn Squash

photo of acorn squash

So last weekend, when Paul and I were in Lake Chelan enjoying the brisk lake air and beautiful changing leaves, we stopped at a produce market right up the street from the cabin. We go there every year. It’s great, good prices and the staff is really helpful and willing to cut into literally anything to give you a taste. Now THATS good marketing. There we bought apples, pears, and the squash I’ll be using for the soup.

Butter Cup Squash

photo of buttercup squash

I bought a HUGE butternut squash (I think between 6-8lbs), an acorn squash (little guy), and a buttercup squash (medium size, but lots of seeds, not so much pulp.

Here’s a great site that will tell you all you ever wanted to know about squash varieties and what to do with them, What’s Cooking America.

Last night, while I was doing laundry, trying to find something to eat at the house (fail), and watching Grey’s Anatomy, I roasted the squash.

It could not be easier. The thing about roasting much of anything is that you don’t need a recipe. It’s literally the hardest thing to mess up!

I just turned on the oven to 400F (you can choose any temperature you like, but the hotter it is, the less time it’ll take (of course don’t go too high, anything upwards of 425F and you could be asking for some charred black squash).

I cut them each in half, put a bit of olive oil on them, sprinkled with salt, put on cookie sheets (foil or silicone sheets covering so no clean up), and slapped ’em in the oven for an hour. I checked them at the hour and the littler ones were done. I took them out and left the big butternut in there for another 45 minutes (they’re really dense, so it’ll take much longer).

After they’re done, I let them cool and scooped the flesh out, put them in containers in the fridge.

So now, all I have to do tomorrow is pull all the ingredients together! YAY!

Stay tuned for the recipe (which is really forgiving and changes every time I make it, depending on what I have lying around the house), and lots of pictures!

Stay out of the rain!

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