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I was reviewing a post from last week (you know the one, “I’m Comin’ Out!”), when I realized that I hadn’t shared with you what kind of slow cooker I have.

First let me show you what I bought:

Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker, 33162

This, my dear friends, is the Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Stay or Go slow cooker. I bought mine at WalMart on sale two years ago at the end of summer. It was on sale for $19.99. What a great deal.

Now, I don’t go to WalMart often, but I happened to see this ad for the sale, and realized I was dumb for not having purchased one sooner. We all know how valuable they are.  So, I made a special trip for it. Totally worth it’s weight in gold.

The thing I really like about this (well, there’s more than one thing):

-The part you cook in is removable which means you can wash it in the dishwasher if you want.

-There are clamps on the sides, so you can cook up some lil’ smokies (don’t even GET me started on how much I love those) and then close the clamps, take it to the potluck, and then of course there’s an insert area on the front so you can write on a piece of paper what you brought and everyone will know!

-There’s handles that are far enough away so you don’t burn your hands when you pick the whole thing up.

-It’s got a sassy finish.

-They include about 15 pre-made tags for the front that you can slide in like “BBQ Beans” “Chili” (you get the idea). Such a great idea.

-There’s a spoon that goes with it, and a spoon rest on the top of the lid.

What HAVEN’T they thought of? Seriously! This is a total bang for your buck, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The next recipe I’m making is some white bean stew Paul found in this month’s Martha Stewart Living magazine. (I get a subscription, he was reading it over coffee in the morning last Sunday) (I think the recipe I linked to is correct, if not, I’ll repost later).

Anyway, I’ve got one simple piece of advice for you if you’re in the market for a slow cooker: Don’t buy it at a garage sale or estate sale, unless it’s still in the box and doesn’t have any soot like stains on the bottom. If you absolutely can’t help yourself, and see a good one at a garage or estate sale, plug it in, see if it works.  If it does, then ask yourself this question: “does the cost of a new one versus this cost warrant the possibility that this used one is old and might start a kitchen fire while I’m asleep or at work, and burn my house down?” if the answer is no, then buy a new one. It’s only $20-$30.

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