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I’m so excited.

Next Tuesday, I’m going here:

To sit here:

And see this:

And this:

And eat with her:

Who you remember from this:


And I can’t wait to finally taste the culinary stylings of them:


(all Delancey pictures from Molly’s blog, Orangette)

Oh yeah, we’re eating this:

Duo of local oysters –
Kumamoto, with cucumber, lemon, and ginger
Pacific, with Banyuls mignonette

Wood oven-roasted local mussels with caramelized shallot, bacon, beer, and majoram, served with rustic toasts and housemade sea salt butter

Braised rabbit with potato, carrot, fennel, and truffle

Heirloom apple tart with honey ice cream

And I can’t wait to share the experience with you all, so keep your eyes peeled for a post-dinner date update.


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