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Again, I have been reading the Better Homes and Gardens website lately, and they have some great tips for holiday prep, I really thought I should pass on:

Tip 1: Carving the turkey

Carving a turkey

You might not be cooking it yourself, but if you’re going to someone’s house, many times they have a guest carve it, or alternatively, NO ONE knows how. So, show your expertise here by jumping in and impressing the crowd!

Tip 2: Thaw it out!

Putting a frozen turkey in refrigerator

No use in attempting to cook it if you forgot to thaw it out in advance right? There’s a couple things to remember when thawing, so this would be a good tip to remember!

Tip 3: Mashing it so good

Assortment of Potatoes

Everyone thinks mashed potatoes are the easiest side dish to make. And they can be, but they can also be very easily ruined (I would know, I’ve done it before). So take a minute to commit this tip to memory.

Tip 4: THE MOST IMPORTANT – Turkey Gravy

Making turkey gravy

Seriously, this is the MOST IMPORTANT dish at the table. I don’t care what anyone says. I’ve been making gravy from scratch for years, and it is hands down the best thing EVER. (don’t even bother arguing this point with me, all you’ll get is a blank stare, followed by a spoonful of my gravy to shut you up).  It also happens to be SO easy to make. Don’t skimp, don’t use a packet. Use what that poor bird gave you. You’re servin’ him up for dinner, at least let him keep his dignity by impresssing you with his tasty gravy bits.

Their recipe for turkey gravy isn’t exactly what I do, but it’s close enough and easy to follow. (I add fat free half and half and a bit of water instead of chicken broth, but i like the chicken broth idea and will try that this year. Also, 1/4 cup of the FAT?!?! Yeah, keep the difibrulator near by, kay? you don’t need that fat.  I only use 2 tablespoons and dump the rest of the fat leaving the broth juices behind for the gravy. This way, you can use more gravy on your taters, and not feel badly about it!)

Gobble Gobble!

(All tip pictures from Better Homes and Garden Tips articles.

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