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I have been staring at this blue post-it note on my bulletin board for a few months now…it’s been taunting me like a school yard bully to do something about it since about September.

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to share it with you all!

I apologize that I can’t remember where I got this from…Paul may have emailed it to me from some site or blog or email he received. If you recognize it, let me know please!

You could easily make this with items you have already in your fridge and cupboard…..and that’s the whole point of this blog, right? Giving you ideas for making new things out of the stuff you ALREADY have! There are a couple of ingredients here I don’t keep on hand, but I’ll address that inline.

Moroccan Carrot Salad

2 carrots
1 red pepper
1/4 c. minced cilantro
1/2 c. raisens
1/4 c. almond butter
1tbsp. lime juice
1.5 tbsp. tamari (a wheat free soy sauce, it’s also a bit deeper in flavor, but go ahead and just use soy sauce if you have it)
1tsp. honey
1/4tsp. chili powder

-shred the carrots
-slice the red pepper really thinly (so your carrot and red pepper are almost the same thickness)
-mix the ingredients south of the line break (all sauce-like ingredients) and whisk together (can use a fork if you don’t have a whisk)
-put carrots, pepper, cilantro and raisens into a bowl and pour sauce over top, toss and serve!

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