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I did it! I made my first solo batch of Gramma Ginny’s Peppermint Cookies this weekend, all on my own (okay, well I did have to call my mom, because for real, the batter was totally not sticking together. She reassured me this was normal….)

I wanted to share the pictures with you all, since we still don’t have smell-o-vision, or taste-o-vision yet (seriously, WHO is going to figure that out?!)

(credit – kitchen, butter, powder sugar and mixer provided by my #1 poodle, Adam Dahl)

Getting all my ingredients ready, making sure my butter is at room temperature.

Here we’re creaming the room temp butter and the powdered sugar together. This can be and was a very cloudy, messy endeavour, so I recommend if you’re using a mixer that you keep it on 1-2/low for a while, and you’ll need to scrap the sides and push the butter out of your whisk a couple times, until the two really begin to combine.

My secret to all great cookies lies here: in the creaming process. It’s imperative that you cream them together for 4-5 minutes on high. This really creates a new item in the mixer – sugar butter. The sugar really does dissolve into the butter, and that makes all the difference in the world.

When I start adding the flour and then the oats, I switch to a paddle attachment. If you’re using a handheld mixer, you don’t need to worry about this, and if you’re hardcore and mixing by hand this is not an issue.

The whisk attachment just doesn’t do the job very well here, so take the 5 seconds to switch, you’ll be glad you did!

Then you’ll take your peppermints, unwrap them, and put them into a double bag (sealed) so you can hammer/pound them into oblivion, like this:



Then you’ll mix that into your batter, only for a second. The batter won’t come together into a ball….it’ll just be the size of small peas. So you then have to use a spoon to grab enough to squeeze/roll into a ball the size of a walnut (as my mom said).

Then you have to go back and smoosh (technical term) the tops down with the bottom of a glass that’s been dipped in powdered sugar, to flatten a bit, like this:


Cook for exactly 8 minutes at 325 F, and take them out. If you don’t, you run the risk of your peppermint chunks melting and becoming an awful, sticky mess.

The result?

We took them over to Lori’s house for her and Mike’s annual holiday bash.

Not much to look at here, but boy were they tasty!!!

Thanks to Lori and Mike for having us over once again for another memorable party!

Now, tonight I start batch number 2 to take to our holiday gathering with Paul’s buddies and their wives on Wednesday night! I can’t hardly wait!

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