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On Christmas Day, we headed down to Salem, OR, to see my dad. We left late at night and got there in the wee hours, and the next morning, my dad and I decided it was time. To. Eat. Pancakes.

So, he pulled out his trusted bag of Krusteez Pancake Mix, and we went to town:

This is Dad in action, working the batter into a tizzy:

And here it is after we’ve lightly folded in the blueberries:

AH! These bananas are makin’ me hungry! Look how fresh they are, and they’re just begging to be mixed in with the blueberries!

Yeah, get that butter real nice and melty, then pour in your first round of pancakes. And while they cook, turn that oven on to 200 F to keep them warm while you make the full batch:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, flip:

Just a reminder that sometimes heaven is only a bag and a banana away. 🙂

Thanks for the great pancakes, dad, next time I’ll make them from scratch (or not).

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