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Hello cooking kittens!

Today we have a special treat, a fun new food friend (say that 5 times fast!) of mine, Dina Goode, is here to share a recent fabulous find with us.

Dina, take it away!


Hello A Half Cup Readers! 

It’s always such fun to talk food… and when I recently told Siiri that a piece of cake blew me away, our fearless foodie suggested I share broadly with all of you. 

What’s all the fuss?  The Chocolate Coconut Cake from The Kingfish Cafe (602 19th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112) 

The picture below  is of our very lovely server that evening, Kelyn, who practically had to drive the glorious slice of baked beauty over to our cozy table!

Indeed, the cake was about the size of a steering wheel but much prettier…thanks to Kelyn’s artful plate decoration—framing the cake in almost Florentine swirls of chocolate sauce.   Yes, chocolate cake is ubiquitous but trust me; this cake was really special and stands out in the culinary crowd… which says a lot about a dessert in my humble opinion!  It was very good dark chocolate cake, excellent buttercream frosting, hugged by a nice layer of freshly grated coconut… topped with clouds of whipped cream, a drizzle of Carmel sauce (I know, I know–does this end?!) and crowned with a fan of perfectly sliced ripe strawberries.  The presentation was really beautiful and impressive.

Need I say more?  It was worth every calorie…and with a few sips of coffee on a rainy Seattle evening in winter….it was a heavenly little moment of comfort and joy. Thanks, Kelyn and Kingfish! 

Dina Goode

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