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I swear to Julia I was not intentionally NOT posting. Things got hectic:

We went to the Olympics, had Valentine’s Day, came back from Vancouver, then Paul left for Indonesia the next day….and now I’m attempting to clean up the mayham that ensued during that whole time, plus eat and cook all the food in Paul’s condo so it doesn’t go to waste. I’m doing pretty good so far!

Thursday night I had the girls over for burrito buffet night complete with two kinds of leftover cake. (and yes, I took some crappy pictures which I’ll share in a post later.)

Last night I had ANOTHER girls’ night with Danae (we go WAY back) and of course, I took tons of pictures of our Asian bonanza. Yes. Asian. Bo-nanza!

So you’ll see those pictures coming up too, and I’ll link to the places we got everything from, fear not.

The biggest adventure was our Valentine’s Day dinner, at my new favorite Vancouver spot, The Corner Suite, which I’ll be doing a whole SERIES of posts on over the course of the next week or so, so please do come back to read that!

BUT, first, I’m going to post about what I did today: ‘Green Lake+’ run, and then the CPG cafe (you’re asking “Siiri, WTF is the CPG?!” ).  Well, to find out, you’ll have to read the next post! That’ll be posting tomorrow, so in the meantime, know that I’m here, at Paul’s condo, eating all this food with friends, and plan to take MORE pictures of those things.

Here’s what I’m attempting to cook this weekend:

Oatmeal rasin cookies (with some special extras)

Scalloped potatoe thingy (what?!) with puff pastry (or something)

Roasted broccoli (sp? gawd, I’m awful at spelling, sorry DAD, I know you’re reading totally embarassed by that) with crispy shallots

Yam fries and roasted onions (or maybe carmelized???)

Organic Beef stew (YES PLEASE)

Apple tart

Then, on Wednesday morning, before even the birds get up to get the worms, I’m going to CHICAGO BABY!!!!! To see this one:


I’m going with these ladies:

(my two sisters, Kate and Jessica, plus Kate’s sister-in-law, Marla, not pictured)

And so there will be MANY food adventures I can’t wait to share with you, write about, and figure out how to make on my own at home, without the fuss and recipe, and of course let you, my fabulous 3 readers share in the spoils of learning how to cook some wonderful food at home for yourselves too!

So, ready? Because here I go! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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