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Yeah, I’m gonna HAVE pork rolls if I make these again and don’t have anyone to eat them with me.


Do you remember these?  I was going to make them for the Rose Bowl?

Uh huh. So I did that. And then we didn’t have anyone over, so I was forced (seriously, forced) to eat most of them myself. I know, it’s a shame. You could have had one. Or 5.

Okay, so here’s what I did:

Bought bacon and generic cinnamon buns at the discount grocery store (and no, I couldn’t get more white trash if I tried).

And here’s the pictures of my process:

(in the foreground you see lip-smackingly good crispy as all get out bacon. YUM. In the background, my FAIL buns.)

(so the lighting is bad, it’s the dumb camera again…..maybe I’ll set up a foodie photog fund for getting me a new one???? Anyway, here we are, wrapping and prepping to bake)

(here they are pre-frosting. I learned a big lesson here…..break the bacon up into pieces, otherwise when you bite into it, you get the whole piece of bacon and only a bit of roll. BOOOOOOOO!)

(and here they are in their full glory, half frosted, half naked. SO GOOD)


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd, I just gained 5 lbs looking at those pictures again. Sweet. See you at the gym, kittens.

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