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I recently posted on my Twitter account:

  • Siiri Sampson Okay, I’m asking again: Searching for my #CSA for this year. Any #SeattleCSA* recommendations? GO! Add a comment

This post in particular is about finding a good CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

So, what does the CSA do?  Good question…

They provide door to door service for everyday people of locally sourced, organically grown produce and sometimes even other kinds of food.

For a flat rate, every week or every other week, I can have a company bring me a huge box of fresh fruits, veggies and if I want they’ll also bring eggs, dairy and even meat like chicken or beef, etc.

All the farms are super local, like within a couple hundred miles. All the crops are sustainably grown and organic, and the workers are paid fare market wages, regardless of where they come from.

It also reduces my food costs, and the number of times I go to the store, thereby reducing my carbon footprint in many ways.  And since the truck is already making deliveries in my area, it doesn’t increase their carbon footprint at all!

So, that’s what I’m looking into. The best part is: the farmers only send us the freshest, most “in season” foods, so you are getting each crop at the height of taste and freshness, which makes everything taste better!

The CSA I’m leaning towards right now is:


New Roots Organics
$25 per box Delivery on 1 or 2 wk intervals

I can pick a single box size which means I won’t waste food, and I save money, since it’s just me!

My sister, Kate, already signed up for one in Bellingham, that is designed for two people plus a small child, and hers is $35 or so. I think she does hers every other week as well. But she has to pick hers up at a drop location since everything there is so spread out.

More than you ever wanted to know about CSA? MAYBE! But, it’s healthy, yummy, and why the heck not?!

*(the reason there’s a “#” in front of it is so Twitter can index it as a search term.  Then, anytime someone else is searching Twitter for “Tweets” people have posted about CSA’s my Tweet will come up. Then they might see what else I’ve posted, and decide they like my content and want to follow me. Convoluted, I know….)
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