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I don’t know what bad karma Seattle has been piling up on the whole, but I’m fairly sure it doesn’t deserve this nasty weather!

Did you know it’s 70 degrees in New York today and 82 in Chicago?! IT IS!  How do I know? Well, besides checking out the weather online, I had a conference call today with people who are in those cities. And while I was frantically backing up my work on my computer as the screen flickered, they were saying things like, “Let me know if it’s too loud on my end, I’ll mute myself….I have the door open at my home office because it’s SUCH a nice day here today.”

Yeah, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the info. NOT.

So, I decided to drown my sorrows of weather in the following:

A piping hot bowl of chicken tortilla soup from the deli at Safeway, complete with oyster crackers from my childhood (not the same bag, don’t worry. I saw them at the store and couldn’t resist!)

Thanks to my crappy cell phone camera for (sort of) standing in for my (Crappier) regular camera, who is home sick today (although I’m fairly certain that my camera is just playing hookie, and is frolicing about at the market taking action shots of the fish being thrown.)

I hope you all are fairing better than I am here at my office. It’s cold. I’m going to make tea.

Have a GREAT weekend, cooking kittens!

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