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I know it’s not right, and they totally screwed up the bun, and it’s smaller than my hand, and I REALLY shouldn’t have. But. I. Couldn’t. Help. It.

I worked all day Saturday with my sister Kate setting up a wedding she had in Bellingham, and when we were done, we were so ravenous, that we stopped at the Golden Arches and picked up two Fillet-o-Fish sandwiches, which we proceeded to eat in the car, on the way to the grocery store, where we bought ingredients for dinner (plus some doughnuts, let’s be honest).

See how good I am? I do something bad, and I still share it with you.  I have to say it was worth EVERY BITE. The bun (albeit totally cockeyed) was soft and warm, the fish was square and crispy – just the way I remember it from childhood – and the cheese was melty. And of course there was enough tartar sauce to sink your battleship.

Done and done.

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