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This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t been ready to talk about it because it was so gross.

Do you have one of those foods that you absolutely refuse to eat because of it’s gag-enducing qualities? I do. It’s cottage cheese. Won’t eat it. Don’t even bother making my try. First of all, it looks like it’s already been eaten and rejected by someone else, and second, the texture is like vomit. Whatever, I said it. It’s true.  And to the people that put fruit in it. STOP. That’s only making it more nasty. Seriously.

Okay I have a new item to add to that list: Tofu Pudding.

What?! I know right. When I saw it at my favorite Asian market in the ID (International District), here in Seattle, I was excited, intrigued even.  So I asked the shop owner (who has become a wonderful food resource for exotic items) what it tasted like and how to eat it, she made it sound really nice.

I didn’t buy it at first, I just put it in the back of my brain that I would try it some day when I was feeling adventurous. So, right before Paul came back to the states, I decided to buy it. If I didn’t like it, he could try it and see what he thought.  If I did like it, I could share it with him!

I followed the directions the shop owner gave me, and she said she’s been eating her whole life (!) (poor thing!)

Here’s what I did:

 It comes in two containers, one that is all pudding (which, BTW, is not even remotely pudding-like in consistency), and the second is a brown syrup with some crap floating in it like you see above. (YUM, I love crap!)

I slopped some out into a bowl (I should have known right here that something odd was about to go down, or not, for that matter).

But then, it was all globjule-like (that’s a technical term, look it up), so I thought “break it up into smaller chunks” (GAG).

Then I was told to pour some of the brown syrup on it, and heat it up in the microwave (WHAT THE %&#$**).

I figured out that the brown crap floating in the syrup was actually slivered ginger.  Nice try, Tofu Pudding. You’re not fooling anyone with your sweet and spicy syrup….you’re still grossy gross gross.

Guess what? IT WAS GROSS. Do not bother going to buy this. The tofu pudding tasted like NOTHING, but luckily had a sickly vom texture to make up for what it lacked in taste. YAY! not.

I have no more pictures to share with you on that one, because about 10 seconds after it entered my mouth, it exited my mouth and went promptly into the garbage disposial.

Although for you benefit I wish someone was there to take a picture of the face I was making when I tried it. That would have been priceless for sure!

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