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Did you know this week is The Seattle Restaurant Week?

Well, it is.  So now you know. And we all know knowing is half the battle, you know?


Okay, I’m done, sorry.

So last night, Paul took me to dinner at Cafe Campagne which was to die for.

This is my view before the first course arrived. Taken by Paul’s cell phone camera.  Even though this is basically in black and white, you’re looking at a glass of white wine (so good with my first course, see below), a vibrant green spider mum and a tiny candle.

The lighting was romantic, but no good for food shots. sorry! You’ll have to go yourself and see the food in person! I HIGHLY recommend it.

Here’s what we had:


Tarte Flambée – Savory bacon, onion and goat fromage blanc tarte
Boeuf Bourguignon – Red wine braised beef shoulder with button mushrooms, bacon lardons and pearl onions. Served on spatzle.
House Made Ice Cream – Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

Plus the wine flight, but my server recommended the wines to pair and I didn’t write them down. Let’s just say the pour was VERY generous and she paired up fabulously!


Pâté de Campagne – Country-style pork and chicken liver pâté
House-Made roasted chicken and pistachio sausage
Chocolate torte

Everything was really tasty, we had great service, and it was Paul’s first time. He really liked everything he had. And I was surprised at how “Paul-friendly” his dishes were (they didn’t have any gluten in them and no cream sauces, great for him)

I wish I could ellaborate more, but it’ll get boring without pictures. So just go, okay?

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