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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. I love a lazy Sunday morning. And that’s exactly what I had yesterday!

I had purchased a pack of quail eggs a while back and wanted to do something simple and fun with them, so I decided to go with the old standby that always puts a smile on my face: breakfast sammich.

You can see (from my spazzy cell phone camera picture above) I started with a ripe roma tommy, some sharp cheddar and the quail eggs in all their speckled glory.

I toasted the english muffin in the pan and that’s why you see all that black nasty stuff in my pan. When they were toasted I put them on a plate, added the cheese (so it could start melting) and slapped the roma slices on top.

Then, as the above picture shows, I cooked my Barbie sized eggs, next time I’ll have to turn the heat down even further, because even though I left them all in tact, the yolks ended up completely cooked!

Then I added the eggs and put a little avocado on top.  Finish with salt, pepper and a little basil! MWUAH! De-lish!

I still have 6 quail eggs left…..any suggestions?

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