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YAY! Good news:

My co-worker tried out the recipe last night and here’s what they looked like:

And here’s her note to me today:

“I made the muffins with a few minor mods.  They turned out just as I had hoped.

“Attaching picture.  I ran out of muffin cups and replaced with parchment paper; then ran out of parchment paper too  and resorted to tinfoil which is why you see the variety of materials in the picture.  I adjusted the recipe we exchanged but added 1 egg (2 total) and added blueberries instead of dried fruit (which is not allowed on the diet).

“If I were to make it again, I might cut back on the blueberries since it was a bit moist.  I’ll bring one in tomorrow so you can try it. 

 “We have invented a new recipe! ”

And I did try one, and it was delicious!

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