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We Love You Fridays

So in case you haven’t heard, or don’t live in Seattle (which would suck if you’re reading this and live in, like, Florida….but sorry, you get lots of sun – give us SOMETHING, okay?!), you’ll want to know the following piece of RAD information:

(and I quote): Every Friday from May 21 to June 18, stop by a participating Seattle-area Starbucks after 2 p.m. and get free tickets to a special event while supplies last. There’s no purchase necessary! (Though we hope that won’t stop you from picking up a favorite drink.)

a tasty latte I recently had at a local coffee shop

Now, I’ll be serious for a minute and say I don’t care what the event is, it’s going to be good, so just GO to Starbucks on Fridays at 2pm and get WHATEVER they’re giving you, but in case you’re picky, here’s a list as it stands now:

May 28 – Seattle International Film Festival

June 4 – Seattle Art Museum

June 11 – Seattle Aquarium

June 18 – BURN THE FLOOR at The Paramount

So, GO, DRINK (coffee), and ENJOY the Seattle summer!

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