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Thanks again to the folks over at Baking Banter for posting a quick and easy tutorial for hummus. I LOVE the stuff. And I love it regular, roasted garlic, red pepper or jalepeno, anyway you can make it! (of course that opens the flood gates and there are a ton of other variations you can do as well).

I wanted to post their tasty looking batch and link to their basic hummus, but I also plan to make a batch this week with stuff I’ve got in my kitchen already, except I need some Tanhini (sesame paste).

Doesn’t this look irresistable?!

Image credit to King Arthur Flour Company

Great photography too! What’s not to love?!  Tastes good, looks good, IS good!

NOTE TO SELF: Try this with roasted Cerano Peppers from McPheresons Market on Beacon Hill.

PS: To the 5 readers out there, I have found a great way to enjoy oodles of my dip without oodles of calories. Don’t skimp on the dip, skimp on the crackers! Because summer is right around the corner, I’m using cucumbers, carrots, snap peas, or baby bell peppers in place of crackers.  It helps you get closer to your daily quota of veggies and it tastes great while reducing calories. I’m sure this is a note mostly for the ladies….but guys, no reason you can’t up the anti on the veggies too, right?

Also you can try cutting up a yam or sweet potato, roasting with olive oil, salt and pepper, in the oven on 425 for 25-30 minutes to make sweet potato fries and use those as your dippers! Still healthier and I think tastier than a cracker!

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