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Steve and Bill Goldberg

My wonderful co-wokers took me out for lunch last Friday because June 12th was my 4th anniversay of working at Extra Mile Marketing! I am so blessed to work with a team of smart, funny, hard working and compassionate people.  I know how rare it is to work in a small office that you truly love. Every day I wake up and am excited to see what the day brings. And Friday was no exception!

My co-worker, Melina, had been telling me about Goldbergs’, this awesome Jewish Deli/Diner in Bellevue that she always goes to for the famous lunch combo of Matzo Ball Soup and a half a corn beef sandwich.  So, they all surprised me by taking me there for my anniversary lunch.

Of course I took pictures (on my crap cell phone camera) to share with you all!

So here we go, in order!

Goldbergs_Pickles Upon Arrival

When you sit down at your table, there's a tray of pickles waiting for you!

These were good pickles, kids. Just snappy enough with the right amount of salt and tang. MMMMMMMMMMM. Never met a kosher dill I didn’t like!

Goldbergs_Dr Brown Soda Black Cherry

Dr. Browns Black Cherry Soda

If you’ve ever had Dr. Browns, are from the East Coast or Jewish, chances are you know the awesomeness that I learned today. This line of natural sodas was surprisingly good! I had the Black Cherry on recommendation of Lori, and was not disappointed! Next time: Cream Soda! (I haven’t had a cream soda in SO LONG, but it sounds delightful!)

Goldbergs_Matzo Ball Soup

Melina's coveted Matzo Ball Soup

Melina’s lunch special came with a cup of Matzo Ball soup. It was JUST the right amount and she let me try a spoonful, which was so light and fluffy! The ball was just eggy enough and the broth was super flavorful!  This pictures does it no justice.

Goldbergs_Smoked Salmon Bagel plate

Smoked Salmon and Bagel extravaganza plate!

Lori and Kris both got the plate above. Kris doesn’t like things that are too salty so she took Lori’s recommendation of this plate with fresh produce to build your own bagel sammy. She said she’d get it again, and Lori said for sure the food was the best she’d had there.

Goldbergs_Corned Beef Sandwich and Slaw

Mike's Full Corned Beef Sandwich with Slaw

Mike opted for a classic: corned beef and slaw. He said it was pretty good, and I could tell he liked it because he ate the whole thing!

Goldbergs_Bacon Cheddar Burger Steakfries and Slaw

My baseline tester: Bacon Cheddar Burger Medium rare

I wanted a burger for days before this so it was my chance to fulfill the desire. And also, it gave me the chance to test their baseline. Granted, burgers at a Jewish deli, not really classic, but whatever. When have you guys ever known me to go with the grain, right?

It was GREAT, even though there wasn’t any mayo on it, which I usually request. I thought I’d it a try with just ketchup and mustard. Even though it was a little more done than medium rare, it was still juicy, and the cheese was perfectly melted. The bacon was REALLY good, I could tell they had cooked it recently and it was still a little greasyyyyyyyyyyy.  Even the slaw was good, and I don’t like slaw. And the steakfries were perfect, they matched the burger, substanial, perfectly salted and crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside.

Job well done, Goldberg’s. I’ll be coming back soon and often to try out the million things on your menu, what with your all day breakfast (“the only way it should be served.”  I couldn’t agree more!)

The staff was attentive and super nice, and the bartender was sure to great us on our way in and out. The place was pretty big and fairly busy for a weekday lunch.

All in all, I was happily surprised!

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