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It’s Thursday.  It’s July 1st. It’s Seattle. It’s raining.

So, what to do?  Pretty much only one answer: Go to Sushi Yama for lunch.

If you live in the Seattle/Bellevue area of Washington, I highly recommend hitting this place up for lunch one day. But they get really busy, so go early, or like me, late (I arrived at 1:40pm and there were maybe 5 people. PERFECT!)

I wasn’t sure how they’d feel about me snapping pictures, so I pretended I was texting and snapped these pics with my ever-crappy cell phone camera:

Here's some various goodies coming down the sushi train towards me. Yes, I said sushi train. (I LOVE THIS PLACE!)

This is a blue plate which is $2.50, WAY to rich for my blood. But I do wonder what the haystack tastes's a roll with crab, avocado, something else - cucumber maybe - and tobiko all over, topped with a haystack of fried who knows what (and who cares, it's fried people)

Festive fruit cup complete with self-contained shade mechanism.

There goes the haystack again! Taunting me and my cheapness...

This is the best dessert ever created by all of Japan. Sorry if you don't agree, but you won't be sorry when you taste a warm sesame ball that's been deep fried with red bean paste inside. YUM. The plate is pink, which means $1.00 and it comes with 3 balls. I ate two before I remembered to take a picture.




GONE! Ah, how I love you, sesame balls.

And here's the damage: 4 pink=$4.00, 2 green=$3.00. Total with tip: $8.67

I hope you have a place near you that makes you feel as good as Sushi Yama makes me feel!  In case you are curious, Sushi Yama means Sushi Mountain, or Mountain of Sushi (at least that’s what they say).  They should call it Sushi YUMMA!

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