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I’ve got some fun shenanigans up my sleeve for the rest of the summer now that we’re in full swing (can you say MAJOR GIVEAWAYS ALL SUMMER LONG?!??!?!?!?!)  but I have a bit of organizing to do before I launch the first giveaway.

So, for now, I wanted to share two fun things I made over the past week that made my days just a little brighter. Afterall, with all the crazy weather (unpredictable at best) here in Seattle these past few weeks, I need something to pull me through!

First up is this tasty, mid-afternoon treat that pulled me through the remainder of the work day:

This is an iced latte that I made in my office with nothing more than a packet of Iced Starbucks VIA, a frother and a bit of milk (and cold water of course).  Seriously, I love coffee all day long, and on a hot afternoon, an iced latte is right up my alley.  But we don’t have an espresso machine here, or a cart anywhere nearby. So I just made it myself.  I have a cheap frother I keep at the office. This took me less than 3 minutes total. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and it gave me a little pick-me-up that lasted till dinner time! YUM.

That was last Thursday or so…..

Then this weekend, I was running around like a wild turkey for various wedding errands for some friends of mine, and I had just enough time between errands and the ceremony to go home, flip on the Food Network for 30 minutes and relax. Of course I got hungry when I was watching whatever was being made (can’t recall what was on, Nigella I think), so I jumped into action and made a 2 minute guac and devoured it with the basic tortilla strip chip:

You can see I left it pretty chunky. I like it this way, and it’s much faster, less intense prep.  Yes, there’s the chips in the background.  Here’s a better picture:

Here’s how I made it:

Siiri’s 2 Minute Guac 

2 avocados (pretty ripe, almost lost ’em!)
1 Roma tomato (also really ripe, I’ve been struggling to eat all my produce myself in time)
1 lemon (squeeze the juice right into the bowl before mixing things up)
Pinch of salt
Pinch of smoked paprika
Two pinches of garlic powder (this is quicker than actually chopping the garlic, and this way you don’t get the bitter edge of fresh garlic)
Pinch of either black pepper or cayenne pepper

I used a spoon to scoop out the avocado and mash everything together. A fork may have been easier, but right now I’m all about dish consolidation.  So this was easier for me. I used a knife to chop up the tomato and slice the lemon.

This literally took two minutes to make.

It was actually much better the next day, (okay, so it was last night at like midnight, don’t judge, I walked 5 miles yesterday and got hungry. I know I’m not supposed to eat late at night!) after the flavors had time to meld.

What’s your family or favorite guac recipe?

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