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When we celebrate the 5 days of summer in Seattle, it’s nice to have a cold spritzer of some sort to relax after a long day.

Yesterday I came up with just the thing!  It’s a vodka and organic lime spritzer.  It was super easy to throw together because I had done a bit of prep last week.  See, I came into a LOAD of lemons and limes and they were pretty ripe.  When a couple went bad without me noticing (and after drinking as much lime water as I could handle), I decided to make some lime infuse simple syrup.

Simple syrup is just that: simple.  For me, it’s equal parts liquid and sugar.  I used organic, raw sugar so it was a little dark, not white. I had a cup of fresh squeezed lime juice and I added a cup of the organic sugar, mixed together and simmered on low until it started to form a foam at the surface.

Now, I could have let it go longer, which would have condensed the syrup, making it thicker. But since I was thinking I’d use it for refreshing cocktails when my friends came over, I decided to keep it pretty thin.  The thickness definitely makes a difference on how easily it combines into other liquids.

I let it cool in the pan, then transferred it to a squeeze bottle and stuck it in the fridge.  I let it sit for a couple of days before giving it a try. It’s subtle, tangy and sweet. Just perfect for a spritzer.

Here’s what I used in the spritzer:

Siiri’s Vodka Lime Summer Spritzer

1 shot (so 1 fluid ounce) vodka
1 shot lime syrup
ice cubes
sparkling water (you could also use club soda, tonic water, 7Up, sprite, etc. just watch the sweetness)

Now, what I did realize is that it could use a little something extra…I’m not sure if it will be a cucumber slice, maybe a bit of cucumber juice (from Paul’s AWESOME Jack LeLane juicer that’s in my kitchen) or maybe some muddled basil. I think any of the above would be good.

This went down scary smooth, kids. It’s light and doesn’t leave your mouth feeling puckered or coated at all!  Just remember, one is enough – enough sugar, enough alcohol, enough to cool you down! Then back to the water….we Seattleites have to hydrate, afterall, it’s hot here!

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