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Something amazing happens during the summer months in Seattle. Amongst all the hustle to get outside and enjoy the weather, every now and again you find yourself just for a few hours, doing nothing in particular.  It’s a really wonderful opportunity to remember how lucky we are to see the sunsets, hear friends and family laugh around the table, and smell, taste and touch the endless fruits (and veggies and meats) that nature has to offer.

For the 4th of July this year, I was in Bellingham, a city/town north of Seattle by about 80 miles, just South of the Canadian border. I went to see my sister, Kate, her husband, Nathan, and my nephew, Riley (aka The Munch). 

For fireworks viewing, we went to Nathan’s mom’s place out at Birch Bay. It really is incredible.

After a lazy afternoon walking the beach on agate patrol (I only found like 1 or 2, but as a team, we probably got 10!),  we had grilled cheeseburgers for dinner with deviled eggs and bruschetta (homemade by yours truly, including the soda bread which I’ll share in another post this week).

Then we watched the sun go down, and the fireworks begin. It was just spectacular!  Riley got to stay up WAYYYYY past his bed time, but we had to let him see the fireworks that everyone around the bay was setting off (including us – we were on the reservation after all)!

The next morning, I was feeling inspired and made a tasty apricot coffee cake. Not my best ever, by far, but the Munch didn’t seem to mind, did he?

So, next time you have a few minutes to relax and take it all in, do! You’ll be surprised what it might lead to…

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