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Hello Kitchen kittens!

As you may remember from a few recent posts, I have a TON of stuff to giveaway on the blog, thanks to the fantastic folks at The Meyer Corporation and

The first giveaway is coming up on Monday to celebrate the Munch’s 2nd birthday. (I basically can find any reason to give something away…) He is very aware that he’s going to be two. It’s pretty awesome.

I haven’t decided what to giveaway first, but it’s going to be good, trust.

Come back on Monday for the details of how to enter. You’ll have  a week to put your name in the hat, and then of course there will be many more giveaways this summer, so if you don’t win, just keep trying!!!!

What are you doing this weekend?  I have a date with Curious George, the Munch and some cupcakes.  Stay tuned  for pictures next week. It’s gonna be fantastic!

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