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Magnolia, light house beach, some night in August

I would love to tell you that I know what happened….why I haven’t blogged in SO.LONG.  But honestly, it was just a bunch of things strung together closely in time that was just too much to handle. And so as with all things in life, something had to give. I am sad it was the blog, but I’m ready to come back!

While I’ve been gone, my sister gave birth to my second, precious nephew, Beckett Samuel Fadden, Riley turned 2 and I went to Indonesia and Singapore for a month. WHAT?!  Gosh, I was really busy, wasn’t I?

Wellllllll, back to the grind, okay?  I am ready, and I have material to blog about as far back as FEBRUARY people! (sick, I know)

To get things back to normal, here’s a dinner I threw together after work one night, when Poodle (aka Adam) and I decided to do a beach dinner at Magnolia’s light house beach (I have no idea what it’s really called, but it’s inside of Discovery Park and that’s what I call it!)


I threw together some quick dishes that used up some items I had laying around that needed to be consumed.  Our menu was :

  • Tuna salad club sandwiches
  • Cold penne salad with cheese, tomatoes, capers and truffle dressing
  • Organic apricots (that were the size of my fist) with nonfat greek yogurt, local honey and cinnamon


If memory serves, I had a bit of left over feta and used some yogurt, dijon and truffle oil to create the dressing and finely chopped the capers. OH! and I used some caper juice in the dressing as well…I got the idea from my favorite drink: dirty Gin Martini.
Dessert: Organic Apricots with Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Honey and Cinnamon

 And here’s my number one buddy, Adam, relaxing as we watched the sun set over the Olympics:


Thanks for your extended patience during my absence and let’s get back to the food, shall we?!



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