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On Tuesday night this week, I went to another fabulous Seattle Food Blogger event put on by the one and only, Frantic Foodie (Keren Brown) at the ever-evolving and inspiring Urbane restaurant inside the Hyatt downtown.

We (the Seattle Food Bloggers) were welcoming author and master cook, Pam Anderson, who is celebrated across the culinary industry, but also has a great food blog with her two daughters,

Pam had one of her talented daughters, Maggie, with her for the evening. We noshed on tasty local bites ranging from oysters to asian pear salad, salmon with a heirloom tomato relish and more.  (BTW, they have a KILLER HAPPY HOUR. take note!)

Pam talked about her journey in writing her new book, Perfect One Dish Dinners, and told us a bit about how the everyday cook can use it.  We got to thumb through it (which only made me want to buy a copy even more here) and then she opened the floor to questions….about pretty much anything.

In a word, Pam is: gasp-enducing (is that one word???).  Her tennacity and drive are palpable and she was truly inspiring to be around.  If nothing else, I recommend looking at the cook book because it gives us what I think we truly want: someone else does all the planning and all we have to do is do exactly what they say. She plans the whole meal, but makes it super simple to create.  She gives you effortless sides, adds in substitutions and even mentions possible wine pairings.

I of course put on the hat of  “broke-twenty-something-who-likes-to-entertain-on-a-weeknight-for-under-$40” and I was really pleasantly surprised at how many meals could still step up to the plate.  While some meals would require a grocery store trip for ingredients, many things could be whipped up based on what you’ve got around the kitchen and garden.  And I’d estimate about 95% of the ingredients you need are inexpensive and readily available at any regular grocery store….so no specialty shops required.

Here’s a fun video she did about the book and her career path:

Thank you to Keren for putting on this great event, and thanks to Pam for opening up about the process, encouraging us all to forge ahead, and for being kind enough to share moments with us individually afterwards.  It was great to meet you and good luck with the book!  Here’s to your next 6! 🙂

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