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I just saw this picture on and was thinking I knew what the filling was going to be:


Turns out I was totally wrong, here’s the recipe for Better Homes and Gardens Vanilla and Chocolate Santa’s Sandwiches.  They made a raspberry filling….

However, I would change this up. Without even reading the recipe, I knew what I would do to make this easier, as well as my own!

I think I’ll share it with you all as a pre-Christmas present (ooooo!!!! Did I just come up with a new way to scam an additional gift out of each parent and Paul?! I think so!).

I would either make sugar cookie batter, or in a pinch, but the tube at the store.  Then, just cut and bake like usual, or if you’re feeling spunky, cut them into the discs, lay them on wax paper, sprinkle with a few red sprinkles, push the sprinkles in, then bake to get a confetti look on the cookies.

When you’re done, take a handful of peppermints (the kind you get after dinner at a restaurant or in bulk at the store) and smash them to bits in a double bag situation with a rolling pin.  mix that into a can of frosting (vanilla cream cheese, duh) and let sit overnight – NOT in the fridge, that would make it impossible to spread. 

The next day, make sandwich cookies like above. They’ll be a bit more colorful, homemade and ready to bundle in little tins for your neighbors or co-workers. You could even have a spouse, roommate or significant other help with these, they’re so easy! Just make extras as a thank you to your helpers!

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