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I was entering this fun little contest today, for a chance to Host the Ultimate Chef Party with Celebrity chef George Duran and after I didn’t win, they gave me a fun little recipe.  I was actually pretty impressed, because even though I didn’t win, the recipe they gave me (above, for Pizza Pockets) is super easy!

Not only did this remind me that I LOVE pita pockets, it also reminded me of when my mom would make me tuna pockets for lunch (not gross, even though it probably sounds like it).

The ingredients are super easy to pick up, and if you’re a parent with NO time to cook, you can take the above and turn it into your own, fun dinner night!  Just put all the ingredients on the table, add a can of black olives, a can of pineapple, some canned mushrooms, or whatever your family loves on their pizza.

Everyone makes their OWN pizza pocket, so they can have exactly what they want! Plus, you spend more time with your family, less time busting your hump in front of stove, and if you have kids, they will certainly look forward to doing this again – over and OVER for years to come.  When we had “do-it-your-own-self-roll-ups” night at my house as a kid, it was hands down our most favorite meal.

Let me know if you and your family have/had any dish/meal like this. I’d love to build a bigger list!

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