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You may remember that I recently gave away three Starbucks gift cards worth $25 each to help them introduce a few new breakfast sandwiches they’re launching in the new year.

One of the winners was Lauren, a friend of mine with her own neat little blog about her family.  She went to cash in her winnings the other day and decided to share it with us.  from The Jansson Family Blog, here’s Lauren:

Cashing in my Winnings…

Perhaps you’ve seen a link to A Half Cup on the left side of our family blog. A friend of mine, Siiri, is the author of A Half Cup and if you haven’t checked it out yet – you should!

Siiri works in marketing but also is a freelance writer for The Seattle Weekly. For a few months now, she’s been contributing to a couple of different columns The Eastside and Lists. She is a food fanatic and a go-to resource for finding the best, new places in town to chow down.

The other day on her blog, Siiri wrote a post about the new Starbucks artisan breakfast sandwiches and included a giveaway for a   $25 gift card to Starbucks. I was one of three big winners and couldn’t have been happier!

Today I decided to treat myself and use my gift card to try the new veggie, egg, and Monterey jack artisan sandwich. I’m happy to report that it was warm, delicious and very cheesy!

On the downside, I wish there were more veggies…or any. I couldn’t find any evidence of veggies and was wondering if I got a dud. I’ve concluded the only way to find out is to treat myself again very soon! (A great excuse to go back and order another one…you know, for science.)

Thanks to Siiri for holding the giveaway and for sharing all her new foodie finds and innovative recipes on A Half Cup!

Thanks for the coffee date, Lauren!  BTW, what is in that Starbucks cup in the background???? (I love hearing what crazy drinks people favor for their ‘treat’!)
That giveaway was fun, but you haven’t seen nothing yet! I’m going to be doing at least one giveaway each month this year, so check back often! Who knows, I could be featuring you with your winnings next month!
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