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Just eat it.  That’s what this trip should have been called.  I was just looking back over some of the pictures from my trip to Indonesia last September. Gosh, has it really been that long ago already?! It feels like I was just there.  Even though living there might not be my cup of tea, I really do miss all of Paul and my food (mis)adventures!

Quite the combo here; a green tapioca ball with molten sugar inside, rolled in coconut flakes in one hand. Deep fried tofu sandwich with sprouts and veggies in the other. No wonder I'm smiling!

I wanted to bring you all a little taste (no pun intended, honestly!) of what a typical day was like for us on the road in Central Java. 

This series of photos was taken by Paul when we were on our way back to Temanggung from Singapore. We tried several treats in a city called Yojakarta, and took them back home with us. Enjoy!

Me and my freckles biting into the first tapioca ball!


Why I felt the need to try both at the same time and insist on holding them like it was the last food I'd ever see is beyond me.

Yeah, I look real, real good in these shots. But let’s be honest, I wasn’t filming Eat, Pray Love, so I wasn’t wearing make up. It was way too hot and swassy for that!

Yogurt smoothy - you weren't that good, but Paul said "Smile!" when he took the picture, so I did.


I hope you enjoyed a little time and hemisphere travel with me! What will I come up with for next week? I have NO idea! I better get on it!

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