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If I don’t talk about how long it’s been since I last blogged (over a month), and just pretend no one noticed (since there are literally only 5 readers which includes family members and myself) would anyone really care?

I’m going with a big fat NO.

But, I do feel guilty, so….I was getting ready for my trip to Greece, and then I was IN Greece, soooo, yeah. Sorry about that, it’s happened more than once, including when I went to Indonesia – but I digress.

To make it up to you, I took tons of pictures of the food in Greece, not all great, but all the food was great, so I’ll share those stories over the weeks to come!

For today though, a Food Frame Friday, here’s what I had for dinner last night. Tots. Who doesn’t love them?  I could have left them in longer, but I cooked them on the same sheet as my fish in a very inventive and efficient way that I think I’ll make a little video about. And I didn’t take pictures of that because I was too hungry.

Uh, the tots are healthy cuz they're sitting next to zuchs?? Yes. I'm going with that.

I know, I know, really crap pic from the cell phone.  At least I took a picture, okay?  Here’s what I did:

  • Went to the store, got a movie (that I forgot to watch because I had a Senior moment when I got home and forgot I had rented it from the red box), a bottle of Cab Sauv, 1 zucchini, 1 package of Dover Sole fillets for $3.29, 1 jar of tartar sauce and 1 bag of tots.
  • Got home, preheated the oven while I put my jammies and Greek slippers on (pictures to come, tres cute), let the wine breathe.
  • Prepped a cookie sheet with tin foil, divided into two sections (video of that next week), brushed with a bit of veg oil so fish didn’t stick.
  • laid out the 5 small fillets, dusted with a herb mix for ranch dip (sounds trashy, but easy and good, don’t knock it!)
  • Threw tots on other half of sheet. Baked at 425F for 12 minutes.
  • Washed and cut zucchini into 1″ thick slices. sautéed in pan with minimal olive oil, salt and pepper, turning once (old trick from my dad). Drained on paper towel.
  • Add tartar sauce, ketchup and wine!

It was fabulous, although I was so hungry I wolfed it down (much to my dad’s dismay, I know, but I was really hungry okay!?)

Total time in kitchen: 15 minutes

Total tastiness factor: 10 out of 10, because the fish was healthy and there were tots involved.

***GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEK!!!!!! Come back to find out what for!

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