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Right? Well, maybe not on its own, and that might be a BIT of an overstatement, but here’s the thing.  I just got some amazing organic strawberries in my first of the season CSA bin last week. See?

I sliced them up, sprinkled a bit of raw sugar on them, tossed, then threw on top of some non-fat Greek Yogs (yes, I’m on a slang name basis with yogurt these days. It’s like a family member).

Another variation I’ve been getting into after we got back from our trip to Greece recently is Greek Yogurt with a dash of cinnamon mixed in, and a dollop of honey on top, stirred in ever so slightly. YUM! The honey does this little crystallization thingy and when you bite into it, you get the two textures and flavors at the same time. And the best part, besides all that flavor, is that Greek Yogurt (at least the nonfat variety) has about  23 grams of protein per 1 cup serving. That’s what I call a double duty food!

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