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Um, how do I say this? This is either brilliant (if it works), or completely stupid (if I get it home and it’s broken).

This website has about as much credibility as an abandoned lemonade stand…but I did see the commerical on TV last night, which is what made me look it up online… through for more skepticism…..

Okay, not sure why they chose “Yonanas” as the name, but it’s a little catchy so that’s fine.  (Does it mean they’re supposed to be MY bananas, as in “Are those yo’ ‘nanas?!”)…….I digress.

Want to know more? Of course you do, because you’re a snoop, just like me.

Here’s the commerical:

So it’s $50, and you get a piece of Gladware to put “yo’nanas” in the freezer, before you make yo’yonanas. Got it?  There’s only a 90 day warranty, which worries me, but it does have a plug (as opposed to running on batteries which is what always makes me frown at a product with an engine).

I kind of want to order it and then do little videos with it for you guys. (ARE YOU LISTENING YONANAS PEOPLE?! SEND IT OVER AND I’LL BETA TEST IT ON THE BLOG) Yes, that was a shameless attempt to try it for myself (and all of you) for free.

Maybe someday I’ll see it at Walgreen’s in the “As seen on TV” isle and grab one!

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