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Did that get your attention? I hope so, because this weekend you can drive to Maltby, just 30-40 minutes North of Seattle and insert your face into a truckload of free ice cream, hot dogs and more with the Snoqualmie Ice Creamery.


Snoqualmie Ice Cream Announces First Annual Ice Cream-O-Rama
June 25th, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Here’s the skinny (which I won’t be after I eat all the ice cream), they are NOT paying me to say this, in fact, I’m getting nothing whatsoever. I have loved this company for the past 5 years, after I first discovered their honey lavender (now French Lavender) in a little stand behind a cheese counter and next to a Chinese tchotke stand in the Pike Place market. It. CHANGED. MY. LIFE. True story.

Get this, they’re also adding a sustainable farm.  That’s right, they started with ice cream, and now they’ll have a FARM. I love these people. Proof you can do multiple things really well, right?

Here’s a sketch of the upcoming farm.  Here’s a bit more info on that if you’re interested, or you can scroll down to find out who is going to be entertianing you while you lick a million licks of ice cream:

The addition of the onsite sustainable farm is just one more step toward the company’s goal of being as sustainable as possible while crafting the most perfect ice cream imaginable.  When the Bettinger’s built their new Ice Creamery in 2005 they set out to be as environmentally responsible as possible. The custom build factory was the first certified sustainable building in Snohomish County and incorporates green designs including the solar panels that help run the plant and the demonstration bioswale built to collect rain water runoff. As a result of these efforts, Snoqualmie Ice Cream uses up to 50% less energy and generates zero rain water runoff while producing some of the best ice cream possible.

WHO’S COMING WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!  I’ll be there sometime between 2-4pm, so if you’re coming too, you can tweet me or use: #SnoQuoIceCream in your tweets!

You can also find Snoqualmie Ice Cream in a handful of grocery stores. Here in Seattle I’ve found it in QFC and can barely keep my hands off it! (and I am not even a sweets person!)

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MALTBY, WA—June 17, 2011— Snoqualmie Ice Cream, the Pacific Northwest’s top ice cream producer, is set to kick off ice cream month (July) a little early with its first annual ICE-CREAM-O-RAMA at the company’s Ice Creamery and Café in Maltby, WA on Saturday, June 25th.  The free event will feature live music, free ice cream and hot dogs, tours of the company’s Ice Creamery, and the unveiling of the company’s new 1.5 acre sustainable farm where they will soon produce many of their key ingredients right on site – the farm will produce everything from fresh honey and eggs to lavender and blackberries for the company’s 700+ flavors of ice cream, gelato, custard and sorbet.

The event will run from 11:00am – 4:00pm and will kick-off with a short dedication for the sustainable farm which will be followed by a full day of fun including live musical performances throughout the day by some of Pike Place Market’s top performers and a special performance at 2:00 p.m. by the Presidents of the United States’ Chris Ballew as Casper Babypants. 

Snoqualmie Ice Cream, based in Maltby, is owned by Barry and Shahnaz Bettinger who have made all-natural hand-crafted ice cream, gelato, custards and sorbets for the past 14 years.  In addition to selling nearly 700,000 pints annually at major grocery stores throughout Washington, Oregon, California and Texas, the company also operates an on-site Café where visitors can try some of the company’s 700 custom flavors as well as homemade soups and sandwiches.  Additionally, the company supplies the ice cream base for many of the region’s most popular ice cream shops as well as custom ice cream flavors to many top restaurants, resorts and food service providers throughout the Northwest.

In addition to unveiling the new onsite farm, Snoqualmie Ice Cream has a lot to celebrate at the 2011 Ice Cream-O-Rama. With sales growing steadily, the company recently expanded sales into Texas and launched a fresh new package design and web site: However, even with some new changes the one thing that has remained constant year after year and keeps customers coming back is the passion that Snoqualmie Ice Cream puts into each and every pint.

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