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Honestly, rain Seattle, just RAIN. I don’t even care. When you get strawberries like this, who CARES?! Rain, snow, whatever. I’m happy as a clam with seasonal fruit. And you know what, naysayers? Without this rain, we wouldn’t be getting all this great food, so suck it and enjoy the fruits of the rain’s labor (no pun intended).

Today marks a couple great things: (1) My mom’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!), (2) Gilt City Seattle officially launched today (  I sent my mom flowers and chocolates, so that takes care of item #1. Now for item #2, I wanted to celebrate by sharing some of MY favorite things in Seattle with you, my 5 ever-faithful readers! 🙂

If you don’t know much about Gilt City Seattle, you can click that name to find out more, and we highly suggest you do. I for one, am stoked that Seattle’s finally getting Gilted (is that PC?!)

I figured the best way to celebrate and welcome Gilt to the Emerald city would be by giving them (and you) the City Scoop on Seattle from my perspective.  Being a native Seattleite DOES have it’s perks – one being I know where some old, hidden treasures are.  So read on for three of my favorite things: Doughnuts, Asians and Ice Cream – wait, WHAT?!

Best Doughnut: Daily Dozen

In honor of my friend, Scott – the Seattle Food Geek (who you can find at his fabulous site: , I thought I’d remind folks of the best doughnut in town. Scott will be on the Food Network tonight, on an episode of Monster Kitchen at 9pm Pacific!!!!  But in case your forgot, you’ll need to stop by Daily Dozen in the Pike Place Market for a “dozen mixed” to enjoy while you watch two chefs battle to build the biggest doughnut – that is, if you can get home without eating them all first!


Best Cheap Find: Rising Sun Produce on 12th and King

Just East of the guts of Seattle’s International district, lies a couple of almost-forgotten blocks of markets and restaurants, sandwiched between commercial garages, warehouses and multi-generational churches.  It’s home to the BEST Asian market with the CHEAPEST and RAREST produce the public can buy. It’s even cheaper than MacPherson’s on Beacon Ave.  I tried looking this up to give you an exact website or map, but literally, it’s not even on there.  This is where I get my lychee, rambutan, dragon fruit, tofu, basil by the fistfuls for $.99 each, come on! They have shallots by the barrel and the most crazy melons and gargantuan jackfruit I’ve seen outside of Asia.  It’s set up like a warehouse and has a distinctly “Asian market smell” to it, but get in there, roll up your sleeves and start buying. You’ll need more than one basket.  And it’s family owned.  I now know them by name, and they’re more than happy to swap cooking secrets with me, what a find!


Best Kept Foodie Secret: Snoqualmie Ice Cream stand in Pike Place Market

I can’t even believe I’m telling you people this, because it’s only my favorite place in the whole world, and the only place I can find their Honey Lavender ice cream, since they don’t sell it in stores.  But seriously, there’s NO PROBLEM that a pint of Snoqualmie Ice Cream can’t fix.  And this stand (cash only), is a hidden gem that delivers flavors you can’t buy at QFC. So, where is it? Listen closely, because I’m seriously only telling you once: on the East side of the street, entering the market on Pike St., about 100 ft. down on the right, there’s a cheese stand and a Chinese tchocke stand. Go directly between the two, down a short hallway, to the end, on the left.  It’s so small, it looks like it might not even be a business, but it is.  And you should make it your business to go get some, okay?



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