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I know it’s been a while since I posted a food pic for Food Frame Friday, and in my never-ending quest to be consistent (read: total fail thus far), I wanted to get back on it.  What you see below is a dish that I made for my new column at Seattle Weekly’s Voracious Food division, Three-Way.

Cream Cheese stuffed lychee with exotic fruits and basil oil

The column, which runs every Tuesday online here:, focuses on preparing one ingredient three different ways:

“When your fridge starts to moan and groan from the monotony of the same lame ingredients, it’s time for a culinary three-way. Turning a tired stovetop into a weekday workhorse, Voracious columnist Siiri Sampson brings a fresh, seasonal, or obscure ingredient to life with three treatments: decadent, healthy, and quick-fix.”

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to embark on demystifying the lychee – a true pearl of the South Pacific.

I won’t get into the crazy nitty gritty, for that you can check out the full article, “Exotic Three-Way for Summer with Lychee.” But I did want to show you a couple of pictures like the one above. I did not alter the color, so when you see that bright pink shell/skin on the left, that is truly what the inside looks like. The lychee nut is fleshy and white with the smallest, slender pit that reminds me of a quarter of a walnut. I was able to pry them out relatively easy with a pair of tweezers.

Go check out the article to see how I prepared the lychee and if you’ve got time, stop by your local Asian market to see if they’ve got any. The prime time is about a week or so ago, but you can still find them fresh and always canned – which are almost as good.

Enjoy and happy weekend!

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