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I am throwing all one hundred and *cough cough* pounds of myself behind the incredible new cooking learning platform that is Culination. There are always things that excite me in the cooking world, but few that I feel passionate about and see a long-lasting value in.

Source: Culination

Source: Culination

What the heck is Culination?

More than a Digital Cookbook… A Better Way to Cook
Culination’s ‘digital cookbooks’ connect home cooks with taste experts in deliciously interactive way.
Combining delicious design with interactive technology, Seattle and Bay Area-­based Culination, a new culinary elearning site, launched a campaign to reinvent food and health education in American kitchens.
Culination’s first-­of-­kind elearning platform lets home cooks learn from experts in the comfort of their own kitchens. From chefs to bakers, sommeliers to mixologists, nutritionists to dietitians, Culination draws on celebrated palates to dish out interactive, multimedia lessons that make learning to cook easy.
Culination’s platform, now open by invitation only, not only allows cooks to watch high-quality, educational cooking-videos, but complements those videos with a unique ‘digital cookbook’ experience. This experience, available on any device, will let home cooks use voice-commands to move hands free through step-by-step instructions. Culination’s ‘digital cookbooks’ also integrate relevant tips and tidbits like cooking techniques, ingredient substitutions and timers so you never have to leave the page.

How does it work?

Imagine a recipe in a cookbook or magazine that has the step “Chiffonade your basil”. “What’s chiffonade?” you might ask yourself before looking it up on YouTube. With Culination you would say ‘watch technique’ to your device and call up a short video explaining how to chiffonade. After watching the video, you would tell it to ‘repeat’ the video or ‘return’, in which case you’d find yourself back at the step where you’d left off. To move on, just say ‘next step’.
“We no longer need to turn a magazine page with our dirty hands, or search yet another website to learn about techniques, nutritional information, or how to select, let alone grow, the most flavorful basil; now it’s all in one trusted place,” says Caen Contee, chef, Culination co-­founder and CEO. “And with cutting-­edge voice activation, food will stay on your hands, in your mouth, and off your device.”

Who’s doing the recipes and lessons?

Culination’s roster of nationally recognized restaurateurs, chefs, and drinks experts include:

Kathy Casey: Founder of Kathy Casey Food Studios­Liquid Kitchen, celebrity chef, mixologist, television/video host, and award-­winning author. The original bar chef.
Duskie Estes: Food Network Iron Chef finalist. Estes’ focus is farm­to­table fare at her restaurant Zazu Restaurant + Farm and snout-­to-tail at specialty meats company Black Pig Meat, Co.
Tanya Holland: Food Network host, restaurateur, and cookbook author. Holland is known for her inventive, healthy takes on modern soul food and comfort classics.
Mike Kalanty: Award­-winning baker, cookbook author, and professional culinary instructor. Recipient of “Best Bread Book in the World” at the Paris Cookbook Fair.
Leslie Sbrocco: Emmy, James Beard, and Taste Award winning wine and spirits expert, television host, and co­-founder of She prefers pink bubbles.
Ethan Stowell: restaurateur, five-­time James Beard award­nominated chef, and cookbook author. Stowell’s tastes mainly reside in Italy.
Joanne Weir: James Beard award-­winning author, Taste Award winning television host, culinary instructor, and restaurateur. Her flavors float from Mexico to the Mediterranean.
Jason Wilson: James Beard “Best Chef of the Northwest” as Executive Chef of Crush Restaurant in Seattle. Wilson is an avid forager and sous vide master.
Source: Culination

Source: Culination

How do I get it?

1. Go to and sign up for an invitation to the platform

2. Help the platform go live! The first 100 lessons/recipes are just waiting to go into production, and we’re currently in the midst of the first Indiegogo Campaign to raise enough funds to get things kicked off. If you are even remotely intrigued by the idea of having this platform in your kitchen – let us know (you can donate as little as $5 or as much as you like and get sweet rewards in return – PUN INTENDED!!!) Go see on the campaign page.

3. Tell others about it, and follow the movement through Culinations twitter feed: @culinators []



Because, for the first time, there is a way to bridge the gap between reading a recipe from a cookbook and learning how to cook in person. This platform completely breaks down the barriers for home cooks of all levels with an easy-to-use experience that’s as fun as it is helpful and educational! So, what are you waiting for?!?!? Go check out the campaign to see a demo and help us get it all started!

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