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….I can’t even remember where I heard about this site, but it was in the last 24hrs.


It’s out of the UK, and basically represents the concept of the Chef taking back the power in how their dishes are seen, rather than letting the diner/foodie/food photog take that control.

Basically, it’s a chance for the chef to catalog their art before each piece is devoured, and it’s all done on the line. As in, before a plate hits the dining room, there’s a spot at the end of “the line” where the plate passes from one side of the kitchen (where all the magic happens), to the other side (where the server picks it up for their table). So you see everything from a birds’ eye view, just like the chefs on the line that are standing over them.

Now, the weird thing about this site is that it pairs up the real time feed (which changes about every minute from what I can tell), with real time news headlines that I can only assume are somewhat locally produced, but are sometimes worldwide events. Here’s a smattering of what came across the site/feed today:

See? Headline from news, pictures of news related stuff, and then the crazy beautiful plate of sauce that’s almost ready for plating…..such a juxtaposition…


Rack of lamb? Nelson Mandela? How are these things NOT supposed to end up on the feed together? You literally couldn’t think it up, it is so random….

Clearly, it’s not like they’re putting that huge thing of meat on a plate and sending it to the dining room like that, so it’s something that’s being prepped in that area of the kitchen and happened to be under the camera when it went off…..


Dessert anyone? Love the blue plate with what I’m guessing is a blueberry tart of some sort and a berry gelato or something. Headline says “[a guys’ name]: Ex-BBC engineer jailed after downloading thousands of indecent images of children.” Um….okay, not what I would have chosen if I was curating these pairings, but it’s real life. Food and news at the same time. It’s weird. But so interesting….it’s kind of addicting.

Vacuum sealed peas? And a woman and her daughter were found, yay! Peas for everyone!!!!!


And so it continues. I dare you to watch for three minutes and attempt to click away.


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