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Proving that I can actually make something other than PB&J (which I’ll likely never put on the blog, even though I talk about it constantly), here’s what I made for lunch recently at the office:

Copyright 2013 Siiri Samson

Copyright 2013 Siiri Samson

Dave’s bread, Dijon, homemade basil/parsley/almond pesto**, red pepper grilled chicken, Roma tomatoes.

Reheated, steamed yam with olive oil drizzle and S&P.

Basic, hearty, square lunch that’ll keep you fueled till dinner time (maybe)!

Good food doesn’t have to be glamorous – your mouth doesn’t know what it looks like, right?

**Note on pesto: I don’t really abide by traditional rules when I make pesto at home, but one thing I do always try and have is some parsley or kale in my pesto, since I rarely use it all right then and there. This keeps it green (rather than having that oxidized coloring of straight up basil homemade pesto), a bit heartier and fresher tasting. TIP: If you make a batch and know you won’t use it all right then, I keep an ice cube tray specifically for freezing sauces and condiments. Just pop the remaining pesto in a couple ice cube sections, freeze for 30 minutes or more, then pop out, either into a freezer baggie or a small Tupperware, then it’s portioned out for the next time, just grab a cube and melt right into hot pasta (or even better, while the pasta is boiling, put a frozen cube in a mixing bowl and use that as a pot lid, the pesto melts and stays warm so you don’t bring the temperature of your food down when it all mixes together. YUM!)

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