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How do I feel: Stayed home from work because I have what I think is supposed to be a cold and I can’t stop sneezing. So I feel foggy, and the sore throat is bad. Coughing also bad.

Day 5 is pretty mild, considering I feel under the weather. Not sure if there’s any correlation between eliminating so much from my diet, detoxing my system and the cold that has been going around the office. Regardless, I know I could feel a lot worse, and I’m glad I took the Zinc and Vitamin C yesterday. I pretty much kept to the couch under blankets, attempting to work on the laptop and drank copious amounts of tea. Not much to report here, so I’ll give you my food diary and then my take on how I make almond milk, which is exactly the same as the link I posted in Day 1.

Food Diary:


  • 20 ounces water
  • Coffee with homemade almond milk
  • 2 soft boiled eggs


  • Paleo chicken curry from the slow cooker I made the other night (has cauliflower, baby bok choy, yams, onions, chicken thighs, coconut milk and spices in it)


  • Homemade kale, onion, garlic soup
  • green salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar


  • handful of raw almonds
  • seltzer water with lime
  • organic peppermint tea (at least 5 mugs full at 16 ounces each)

Almond milk Instructions

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All Rights Reserved.

This is not revolutionary, but if you want to know how I do it, here you go:

The almond milk is SO SO easy, truly. The total labor time is 5 minutes max.

  • Soak the 1cup of raw almonds in enough water to cover them twice over in a glass vessel (mason jar, vase, big bowl, etc.)
  • Cover with plastic wrap on the counter over night
  • The next day, pour off the icky water, dump almonds into blender, add 2 cups fresh tap water
  • Puree/liquefy for 2-3 minutes
  • Meanwhile set up your big bowl with a colander or mesh strainer and then cheesecloth or almond milk bag (Which you can get for cheap at whole foods)
  • Dump the milk into your cheese cloth
  • My trick that I learned after doing the first batch without doing it is that I grab a rubber spatula and stir the almond milk in the cheesecloth to help pass the liquid through. The almond meal that’s left behind kind of blocks the milk from getting through, so stirring helps a ton and saves on how much brute force you have to use on the next step.
  • Wrap up all the rest of what’s left in the cheese cloth and squeeze it for dear life.

When you’re done, I usually put the almond meal leftovers in a Tupperware for later to bake off (350 for 30 minutes or until it’s dry and you can smell the nuttiness a bit) and keep as almond meal for other recipes (which of course you cannot bake with during the Whole30, but can use in lots of other ways).

That’s it!

Lesson of the day: Sometimes you just get a little sick. Don’t freak out about it, just stay positive and repeat “I will not let this take hold, I will win!” Works for me anyway…

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