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How do I feel: Great! It’s Wednesday, I’m a week and a half in – one third down, two thirds to go. No complaints here!

Day 10 beings just the same as any other Whole30 morning has, with my fabulous Aeropress coffee and homemade almond milk at 7am on the dot. I am actually now waking up even earlier. This morning was 6:45 instead of 6:55 – still no alarm needed (although clearly I have two set still because I don’t trust myself). However, I realize I’m out of eggs, drats! So I get by with my fruit and water, and head out for a relatively busy and stimulating day at work.

I really notice not having the eggs and feel my hunger spike earlier than usual, so I consume a plate of tasty leftover bites including the veggies hash leftovers from last night, a few roasted Brussels sprouts from when Hester was over on Monday afternoon, and the last 3 chicken nuggets with almond meal breading. I love tea, and am now having at least a full pot (yields 3 large, 16oz cups) during work hours. I would love to have all the coffee in the Seattle city limits, but I know that’s not good for me or sustainable, so tea it is.

Skip forward to what happened after work – I had plans to meet a girlfriend at my place and we decided to have a bite to eat downstairs at the restaurant in my building. I was pretty nervous because I haven’t actually eaten anywhere but my kitchen or work since starting the Whole30. But, this is an experiment I’m trying to embrace whole heartedly so I figure I’ll do what’s needed to find something I can have. This was an eye opening experience (for everyone involved!) as my wonderful server hopped back and forth between my table and the kitchen conferencing with myself and the kitchen (shout out to Chef Brian for being flexible and awesome!). We landed on a version of this chicken salad they do with shaved Brussels sprouts. Of course the chicken must be cooked differently, they must omit some salad ingredients and I can’t have the dressing. This is WEIRD! I’m never that person, and now have additional respect and compassion for those of my friends who have food allergies, dietary restrictions, etc.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

The salad was fantastic! They did a lime and sea salt “dressing” on the salad that was insanely good, really bright and highlighted both the tenderness of the chicken and the ingredients in the salad. Sorry for the low light, anti-climactic picture. It’s not doing any justice to how good it tasted. I ended up getting hungry later at night, and I’d gotten more eggs, so I had a little decadent late night snack.

Food Diary:


  • Coffee + almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 16 ounces H2O
  • 1 large Fuji apple


  • Leftover veggies, Brussels sprouts, chicken nuggets (all homemade)
  • Tea: 16oz x 4
  • Almonds + currants
  • late second lunch of slow cooker chicken curry (oh my god, I’m ALMOST done with allllll the curry. I can barely stand it now, sad face!)


  • Shaved Brussels sprouts salad (with lots of other veggies) and chicken breast
  • Pot of ginger zest tea with dinner
  • 2 soft boiled eggs and 5 almonds

Lesson of the day: I will get hungry, so I need to be prepared. I need more snack items, dips, and always have eggs on hand! I haven’t had a single craving for any food, but I have craved something “grab and eat now,” so I need to think ahead or pay the price.  I learned that eating at home is easy enough, especially in comparison to dining out. The next time I go somewhere, I will look ahead at the menu and have an idea of what I can eat and what modifications I need to ask for. I really don’t like being doted on by the kitchen in that way, and I feel badly about all the “special requests.” Funny, all the years I waited tables and have worked in and out of the food industry, I never feel badly taking or fulfilling someone’s special food needs, and I always ask to make sure I can cater to them. That I’m comfortable with. This other side? NOT SO MUCH.

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