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How do I feel: Well, it’s Friday, so that’s pretty rad. And I feel fine, still waking up at the freaking crack of dawn, which is still humorous to me. Every. Single. Day.

I do love that I have the ability to find humor in most parts of my life. When I have a failure in the kitchen (which is frequent)I always end up just laughing at myself for whatever the mistake or miss was. After all, life is just a series of experiments really – trial and error that help one develop a sense of direction and purpose. I never fear making mistakes in the kitchen, because I know I will learn from them and apply that knowledge to the next batch/dish/etc.

Similarly, the fact that I’ve been a night owl my entire life and currently find myself wide awake at (in my opinion) ungodly hours of the pre-dawn morning, is just funny to me. But, I’m all for getting a jump on the weekend, so with that, let’s proceed to the food!

Let’s touch base with the program prediction of where I should be at this point in the game:

[from their site]

Days 12-15: Boundless energy! Now give me a damn Twinkie.

Hurray! The slump is over! Your pants fit again! Your energy levels are better than normal – you’re downright Tigger the bouncing tiger! But something weird is happening. You’re dreaming. Not crazy nightmare or strange surrealist dreams, either. Incredibly normal and realistic dreams – about donuts. Or Twinkies. Or Snickers.* In your mind, sometimes you get caught and feel guilty. Sometimes you just brazenly eat the contraband. But then, the feelings start following you into the waking hours. Suddenly, you’re craving things you don’t even like. (For me, it’s Diet Coke and Twinkies, for Melissa Hartwig, it was fast-food cheeseburgers!) Your co-workers’ heads transform into giant Girl Scout Cookies as you gaze on in disbelief. Seriously, you’ve almost hit the halfway mark, and now this?!

All joking aside, though, this phase gets really intense and for some people. This is the part of the program where our minds try to drive us back to the comfort of the foods we used to know. Our food relationships are deeply rooted and strongly reinforced throughout the course of our lives and breaking through them is really big deal. Journaling can be especially enlightening and helpful during this phase, and helpful for reflection later. Take some time to jot down what you’re craving, how you’re feeling and what tools you’re using to work through the cravings.

*The cravings people get, and the dreams they often have, rival those of pregnancy. One person told me they craved pickles and Doritos (together) during this phase!

[See more at:]

Here’s what I have to say about all this – I am doing this as a food experiment to see how restricting ingredients changes my perception of the food I use to cook every day. I am not doing this with the sole purpose of radically changing my diet for the rest of my life, or to determine if I have any food allergies. So I am not very concerned with the emotional tie to food they’re discussing below. I’m not saying that their comments aren’t valid and important for others, it’s just not really part of my concern.

I have not had any cravings for “bad” things or had any mouth watering moments where I was on the brink of tears. I have thought about dishes I’d like to make (things I haven’t done before) that I know I’ll have to wait to try after this 30 days is over. But for me, this phase (Days 12-15) feels like all the days before – I’m restricted to what I eat, but it’s not defining me and I’m certainly not experiencing any symptoms I’m reading about other people having like extreme headaches, cravings, etc. I did have that one food dream a week and a half ago, but that was it. I guess I’m doing pretty good, all things considered. But then again, I have always eaten fairly clean, with my “luxury items” being French fries with Ranch and the occasional bagel with cream cheese. Not exactly what you would call junk food, but to me, it is.

Food Diary:


  • 2 cups of coffee, one black, one with homemade almond milk
  • 2 soft boiled eggs
  • 1 banana
  • 20oz H2O


  • Turkey meatballs, zucchini and pesto (leftovers)
  • Almonds and a few currants


  • Handful of almonds and currants, 1/2 a small Primal Pac that a friend sent me to try out
  • Cauliflower “hummus” dip (recipe and pics to follow) and zucchini spears


Cauliflower “Hummus” Dip

I followed the exact recipe I found here for Cauliflower Hummus Dip. I will say this tastes NOTHING like hummus, which is good and bad. Good because you’re not supposed to eat anything during the Whole30 that is a “replacement” or “fake” version of anything you would ordinarily make or eat. Bad because I just am not that in love with the flavor combo after making it. I mean, it’s alright, and good to have on hand, but I’m not going to make it again I don’t think. Maybe I’ll try for a caramelized/roasted onion and garlic dip with sweet potato as a base instead….

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.


Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.


Lesson of the day: Some days are weird, and I just have to roll with it. I can’t always know all the variables and I won’t always be able to predict when I’ll be hungry and when I won’t. Today I wasn’t hungry at all for dinner, so I just ate lightly and was okay with that.

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