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How do I feel: Great! Woke up at the freaking crack of dawn. On a Saturday. SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT (not). Oh well, got up anyway and made extra coffee. Feel ready to tackle a pretty packed and interesting day and night ahead of me.

Day 13 – LUCKY number 13, right? Er, sure….I never really understood why 13 was supposed to be unlucky. Regardless, on with my day. It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday. I had a quick spot of breakfast before I met up with one of my close girlfriends, Tina, for our seemingly bi-weekly Saturday morning coffee talk ritual we’ve established. It was wonderful to have time to catch up on the week over a piping hot cup of coffee (I brought my own homemade almond milk in a go-mug to add in, which I felt dorky doing, but I’ve long since passed the point of having pride about those things). We’ve got this nice little neighborhood spot we love, La Toscanella. The owners are fabulous (he’s Italian, she’s beautiful and friendly), the food in the case is just beyond delicious (I’ve had a number of quiches and treats before starting the Whole30).

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Then we set out into downtown to check out the Seahawks Pro Shop for a bit (I was on the hunt for a Doug Baldwin #89 jersey, but came up empty handed. Tina got a key chain and a hat for her awesome fiancé). It was so sunny, we decided to then hop down to Pike Place Market to see if there were any cheap flowers I could take home to brighten up my dining room. She got some fresh cut and fragrant hyacinth, but the tulips weren’t speaking to me. The rest of what was there was all dried flowers, and they are not for me. So I passed. Then we climbed the hill back home. Great first half of the day!

I had a light lunch because I was a bit behind on time and was meeting my workout partner in crime, Amit, for a killer gym session. Little do I know I’ll be feeling this insane cardio and core workout for the next 3 days. Dinner was a combo of pan seared Brussels sprouts with reduced shallots and more turkey meatballs. These are the same batch from a few days ago, and to my delight and surprise, they keep getting better with each day! The batch of 30 has lasted just long enough and they are totally satisfying. My early dinner lasted me the rest of the evening while I was out and about – I didn’t get hungry later, which was a great change.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Food Diary:


  • 16oz H2O, 1 banana, 2 soft boiled eggs, plenty of coffee with homemade almond milk



  • Brussels sprouts, turkey meatballs, shallots

Lesson of the day: Don’t delay, get out of bed right when you first wake up! You’ll be so glad that you did, you’ll have more energy and get more done. Plus, the earlier I get out of bed and am dancing around the kitchen and living room, the less people on the street below that can see me making a fool of myself, dancing to old school Michael Jackson while I wait for my coffee and eggs to finish.

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